A Moment Passed

I thought we were too alike,
until we drifted apart,
at which time I stopped knowing her
and learned more about myself.

I thought our personalities
would deflect our deepest feelings
and deny our hidden truths;
until we met again.

I missed the open smile
and the quiet goof inside.
She was so much of me,
but not enough to hinder her.

She was her own:
silly like a child
with a talent for ambition.
I believed in her, like she did herself.

She was strong and attractive,
reckless and severe.
Sunken and mighty.
Interesting. Unique.

It had been a while
and it had ended too soon.
I missed her smile, I miss her embrace.

I wished for a better moment,

or a more empathetic God.

She was warm and humbled me.
She was cold and isolated me.
She was terrible and awed me.
She was thoughtless and loved me.

I worry that I love her.