Carried Away

She sings with speech and
croons in laughter at
a bad joke I said in confidence.
We’ll share this reminiscence
for as long as we are.
A bated breath, an image of
a night rhapsodized with
the swollen ache of a phoenix romance.
High school romance.

She breaks my heart and
builds it new
with the foundation of
the love she lets me have.
She moves me and I fall.

You sleep with honest abandon
and conduct your own rhythm
with the hymnal of your breath.
You let it out gently
with a steady ease of ownership
of the secrets hidden inside.
You have many, but share with few.

You humble me,
you edify me,
you save me from a lonely world.

I am unravelled and unwound.
Awake and flushed from sleep.
Tired with a life void
of the illustration in her eyes.
She colors me completely.
You temper me gently.
I am in love.