Rambling San Diego

Rambling San Diego cruises through my crude industry,
shaping incongruity into wild flowers young in sweet triumph,
blessing this wide-eyed thunder lust, this wandering crazy swan song.
This ephemeral holy vessel lives forever in righteousness

Grooving San Diego smiles on inarticulate rhythm like
weathered jive sugar cane wailing with honest ambrosia
through its grass roots soul-tapping manic fire song.
Sweet anxiety runs through wind-kissed veins.

Reckless San Diego crashes down the geriatric kingdoms
of stale history for nodding poets of the golden dawn
who shake their shining potion into my twinkling docile eyes.
Sweet Mary heaven calls my name with sweet swelling love songs.

Honest San Diego dances for the king with the miracle
twist of freedom and the toe-tapping rhythm of humanity
that sways king cousin to the holy three, shouting free ecstasy.
There is no greater garden than sweet seraphim Earth.

Jesus San Diego hollers hallelujah
in the stark raving mad shrill of raw raucous creation
that spreads your honey hymn gallantly across the ocean
screaming ‘sweet guarded soul, don’t you know it’s me?’

Save me San Diego,
your seasoned blessings hold my head in fiery exultation
as I nod to the quiet chords of man’s savory romance.
Your promise is the foundation of my awakening.