Valley Girl

Heavy eyes urged the plunge into sleep
against all that made sense to me.
We were finished appraising each other and sat now,
rapt in our separate histories.

Travels, traditions, loves, tales of things we used to do
and things we would.
We sunk into our seats and felt this new version of
familiarity swell in silence like an amorous tide.

Suspended in reality, I navigated through the foggy
guise of the epiphanous coalescence of adult love
I held with a tender gravitas that
I prayed she shared with me.

The earth gratefully drank the timid Los Angeles rain
as it dripped and slithered lazily through The Valley.
Its gentle staccato sang with a quiet cadence
I welcomed with the memory of another coast.

She breathed even against my chest,
her body rising and falling easily
like the unconscious waves of a cherished dream;
her company not unlike the impossible magic of fantasy.