Short Films

The One And Only Billy Shears (2015)

Follows the story of Billy Shears as he yearns for a more interesting, cinematic life. As he struggles to find something that will make his fantasies a reality, he interacts with three different friends to help him through his crisis of character.

Based on The Beatles song “With A Little Help From My Friends.”


Young Americans (2014)

A narrative/experimental hybrid of an American student studying abroad in London and the discoveries he makes about life, love and growing up.


The Classics (2013)

A naive drug dealer asks his favorite client to marry him, but one of his workers gets in the way.

Made for the 2013 Ithaca College Golden Doorknob Awards

Isabella’s (2012)
A melancholy hairdresser deals with feelings of loss as she attends to her regular customers on her last day of work. Later in the day, a young man with an inner conflict of his own enters her world and both show each other the value of their livelihood.

*Official Selection: CineYouth Film Festival (Chicago)
*Official Selection: Intendence Film Festival (Colorado)

The Early Days of Cinema (2011)
The story of a deaf and mute man who can’t make friends because he can’t communicate with people. To compensate for this, he finds objects in people’s dumpsters that they’ve thrown away. Based on these objects he creates their own personalities and in essence, makes his own friends. One day he must choose between his love interest and the interest of his best friend when he finds his friends wedding ring.

Breath (2011)
A short detailing the rise and demise of a couples romantic relationship

Everything’s Fine (2011)
A short that answers the question “what does it mean to love?”

The Stranger (2010)
This was for a high school filmmaking class. Called “the juxtaposition project,” my teacher wrote a list of about 20 random words and we took turns crossing words out. I had to make a film based on the last two words that remained. The words were “fall” and “insane.”

The Bum of Beauregard (2010)
Tells the tale of a hapless bum and his encounter with an impatient bourgeois gentleman.

The Field of Dismais (2008)
A short, Chaplin-esque film in which two poor down-on-their-luck men search for food.


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