Evening sank on October and romance swelled as the sun went down. The light winked out my window and teased the outside chill with the warmth from inside. A camera cranked by wonder held our feet in closeup as they bent and swayed together with the rhythm of the music. We bathed in the store bought tungsten and I held the tips of her fingers as we shook together to the drums, nodding our holy heads and feeling ourselves escape the obligations of tomorrow. Through the window we heard small echoes of friends laughing together as they succumbed to the emollient tendrils of the night. We danced for them and our hearts swelled with the milk blood of romance. My shoulder bobbed with the music and my lips curled in sass as her eyes shone on me like ancient jewels. The music turned sweet and put an end to our unguarded writhing. I put my hands around her waist and swayed with her gently as our sweat spelled the passion we felt no hurry to speak. She brought her hands up and played with the back of my hair and I whispered my love, but don’t remember my lips moving. Her hair hung down to her back and sat comfortably against the air, quivering in the soft breeze of October. She smelled of an old perfume I used to know and I closed my eyes in sudden fatigue. She brought her hand up to my face and held my cheek in sweet surrender that echoed itself through her body as she moved closer to me. Our romantic photographer captured her rising feet as she raised herself for the kiss I still remember. I felt every goose bump on the small part of her waist that wasn’t covered by her shirt and hoped the moon would stay out for a while.

Later as we lay in bed we talked of all the things we’d like to see. Her heart ached for the valleys and mine for the mountains. We both had a wish for the sea. We made our plans and whispered our promises there under the safety of night. It got late and our eyes dropped heavy under the burden of sleep. She brushed her hand against my chest and I turned my heavy head. My nose touched hers and her face was out of focus. I made out her blurry outline and noticed a light in her eyes I hadn’t seen before. It shone gently in the dark and burned softly as it held my tired smile soft. I thought of the night and our plans and my heavy future eyes and felt I could look at her forever. And dawn shone through the window.